NAACP’s First President

He Helped Paved the Way for Modern Activism


The book covers the exemplary life of Moorfield Storey, a White lawyer, president of the American Bar Association, and the first NAACP president. It gives a glimpse into his childhood and time serving Senator Charles Sumner as his private secretary and how that experience gave him a full view of public affairs. It tells how his relationship with the Emersons, his parents, and other prominent leaders helped him shape and reform the course of history and paved the way for modern activism with his legal skills.

Moorfield Storey observed gaps and inequalities in the system and sought to change them. Through his wit and charm, he inspired, uplifted, and enriched many lives, irrespective of their race or cultural background. This book chronicles his legal victories for the NAACP and Black Americans particularly. His legal victory set the groundwork for the historic case Brown v. The Board of Education.

The book also covers bits of Storey’s literary journey, showing his versatility and commitment to knowledge and continuous learning, as evident in his literary works Life Of Charles Sumner, Reform of Legal Procedures, Politics as a Duty and as a Career, among others.

It shows the dedication of Storey’s time and talent to serve in many capacities, including as president of the Anti-Imperialist League, the Massachusetts Reform Club, and the Indian Reform Association. He is one of the most prominent and influential men of his time, and he died the same year Martin Luther King was born. (King went on to become a renowned activist of his own time.)


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