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William Washington was a young boy in Mississippi, living on a planation adjacent to a cemetery when he met Spector. Their encounter was unusual. For years after, William wondered whether Spector was only a figment of his boyhood imagination. Now, as a grown man and father in Chicago, William tries to make sense of his mother’s passing.

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The American Genocide

Elvis was inspired to investigate his mother’s death, an apparent accident her doctors covered up to save millions in costly litigation. Haunted by his dreams and premonitions, he kept a journal of his findings for closure, later revealing that the same poison killed thousands of others, for closure.


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Epiphany Or Sin

Elvis Slaughter, author and criminal justice expert, discovers the dark side of healthcare business practices. Epiphany or Sin is an account of Slaughter’s findings during the final moments of his mother’s ordeal, following tainted blood transfusions at South Shore and Columbus Hospitals in Chicago.




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Uncle Percy’s Blessings

Powerfully captivating, Uncle Percy’s Blessing is an eye-opening tale of innocence lost and regained under the most surprising of circumstances. A strong reminder to always appreciate everything and everyone that you cherish in life.





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The Malcom X Project

The Malcolm X Project is based on a true story. The X Project was derived from research to understand the complexity of an environmental injustice that has plagued the minority community.

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Safer Jail and Prison Matters

Effective Ways to Manage and Reduce Violence in Correctional Facilities. Safer Jail and Prison Matters guide has been proved to work by criminal justice researchers.

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“Egomaniac has all the charm of a bizarre, foggy walk through Twin Peaks and the psycho-thriller charm of Gone Girl.”

[Monica LaSarre, Author]

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Stop the Preschool-to-Prison pipeline

Preschool to Prison offers research-based solutions that help deal with criminal behaviors.

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