Protect our Children from School Shootings

PreSchool Shooter, Protecting your Children from School Shootings

PreSchool Shooter,When we discuss School Safety, we all can agree that there has been an increase in school shootings and many with multiple casualties. But as I look around and most school employees can agree, there hasn’t been much added security or procedures that can prevent another tragic event. School killings are not new, rather, they are just becoming more prevalent and closer to home. For example, 45 students were killed at a Michigan school in 1927, by the school treasurer who bombed the school (Doll, J. 2015). During the civil rights era, numerous school kids were also killed by bombs. Yes, Fatal school shootings are on the uptick, which is why we need to put in place several things such as:

  1. More active shooter drills,
  2. School shooting prevention programs
  3. Frontline of defense training,
  4. Trained school personnel prepared to stop and prevent a potential threat or shooter
  5. Students trained to be prepared when it starts and
  6. Interventions, training, and strategies to prevent it.

We must stay informed with national dialogue on school shootings, effective anti-bullying programs, developing and maintaining good relationships with students and school-based prevention training and programs.

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