What To Expect?

This training is designed to prevent significant risk of serious harm to a person’s physical or mental health, safety, or wellbeing and prepare that person for a critical incident on any campus or business where an active shooter incident might occur. This training can help save lives because it teaches you how to Escape, Barricade, and Counterattack.

Active Shooter Preparedness

How to Schedule a Workshop?

To schedule a Workshop call: 708-365-9510 or email us at

  • Set Workshop Expectations
  • Teach skills of escape, barricade and counterattack
  • Recap Workshop
  • Questions and Answers

How Long Is The Workshop?

30 minutes to 2 hours

Is It Suitable For Beginners?


If an Active Shooter Suspect Walked into your Workplace Today

  • Would you be ready to respond?
  • Have you talked to your employees about this type of incident?
  • Do you know how you or your staff should react?
  • Did you know what the recommendations from law enforcement and security professionals are?
  • Do you think that this cannot happen at your business?

These are all serious questions that you should be talking about at your place of business or on your campus.